Ever experienced fitness fatigue? Your usual exercise of choice has lost its pizzazz (or never had any in the first place). You’re feeling flat, physically bleh (bloated, puffy, weak) and you’re tired of trainers banging on about reps, intervals, calories and measurements?

Ahuh, I can practically feel you nodding through the screen. The secret to turning a fitness fling into a forever-love is this. Replace “routine” with “self renewing rituals”. What’s the difference between a routine and a ritual? As Gretchen Rubin says:

“A ‘routine’ is a string of habits, and a ‘ritual‘ is a habit charged with transcendent meaning.”

Boom! This my friends, is the secret sauce! It’s why (WSW) Wabi-Sabi Well workouts gives you “an afterglow like no other” (thanks Camilla Read). Well, I might be biased but don’t take my word for it. You can read what others have to say here.

“What I love about my Wabi-Sabi Well sessions is that we blend the best of all that with the stuff that feeds the spirit. It feels amazing.” Rachel MacDonald

Now for those playing from home, I’ve cherry picked some of the most profound workout rituals and meditations and spun them into these two golden audio guides. Conveniently designed to book-end your workout, they’ll  turn a dull fitness routine into a lush transcendent ritual. Think of it as a fun, easy-to-follow template to elevate your exercise experience and steward you toward an intuitive movement practice you call your own.

“I love that I’m invited to create a space for my body’s intuition to guide me. A moment to really work out why I’m showing up to the mat, to movement, to my body. To pause and be grateful. It changes everything, it means a workout session ripples out into my life and becomes momentum for all sorts of wonderful things off the mat.” Sally Cutler

Here’s how it goes:

First experience the utterly day-changing power of intention setting as you’re guided through a series of soul prompts and intuitive training practices.

Next soundtrack your session and pick up the pace with your own self-guided sweat sesh. Yep, choose your own adventure style based on your favourite fitness flavours and how you feel that day.

Now that your workout is complete, seal the sessions with a carefully curated sequence of soul prompts, positive nueroplastisity practices and mindfulness techniques. A savasana full of self-renewing rituals that will have you refreshed, re-energised and wholly re-newed.

Specifically, in the WSW Transcendental Training Template | Workout Enhancement Bundle you will:

  • Be guided through a powerful intention setting process. Your intention becomes the rudder of the ship, guiding the focus of your workout, informing your movements, thoughts, activities and expressions and charging your workout with transcendent meaning.
  • Return to your heart and align with what really matters
  • Discover the power of purpose and soul-full direction
  • Distill your desires and aspirations into a mantra that will keep you emotionally aligned for the day
  • Perform a simple (but incredibly powerful) gratitude ritual. Part of our arsenal in positive neuroplasticity – it’s all about adapting and changing your brain – fading out the negativity bias in favour of thoughts that improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Clear your mind and soak up the post-workout glow with a guided meditation (savasana)
  • Revolutionise your approach to fitness: replacing self flagellation with self celebration, embracing body-mind and spirit as an integrated whole and learning the language of the body so you can listen and respond in kind
  • Develop physiological introspective sensitivities and increase somatic awareness with this new, intuitive approach to fitness
  • Fall in love of exercise and develop a dynamic meditation practice you are proud to call your own

Wabi Sabi Well is ritual-enriched, multi-modal form of fitness therapy. It’s concentrated enough to not overtake your busy day. HOWEVER, done daily, it has the cumulative effect of shaping your mind and psyche, as much as your body. This audio workout enhancement will transform your workout and put you in a peak mental, physical and emotional state for the rest of your day. Like having your own personal holistic trainer in your ear every step of the way.

“Whether my intention for my day ahead was ‘Creative’, ‘Present’, ‘Free’ or ‘Supported’, Wabi-Sabi Well brought my hope for the day to life, via the visceral experience of exercise.” Tara Bliss

So hop to it! Download these two audio workout enhancements to your digital device, add them to the beginning and end of your favourite music playlist and get Wabi-Sabi Well with your workouts.

Sample for free here:

WSW Workout Enhancement Part 1

WSW Workout Enhancement Part 2

Or Download to you digital device and take it with you anywhere. No wi fi? No worries!

Shape your mind – Shape your body – Shape your life

2017 UPDATE: Can’t access this audio? It might not be in season. Head to the shop and download it to you device for instant access – no matter where you are or how strong/weak your wi fi signal. Note: Each WSW meditation is available on youtube periodically and only for a limited time. So if you’re craving a Transcendental Training sesh today, click here.

Enjoy your workout friends!