Wabi-Sabi Well Sessions | What To Expect

The Wabi-Sabi Well method is, in it’s essence, intention driven exercise. At the beginning of each session, we will tune in to how you feel, and how you want to feel. From there, you’ll be guided to set an intention that supports your desired feeling. Your intention becomes the rudder of the ship, guiding the focus of each session.

The workouts are intuitively designed, drawing from various modalities including personal training, yoga, pilates, chakra balancing, mindfulness and other bioenergetic techniques. It’s a very personalised and integrative approach. From the metabolism-boosting, muscle toning exercises, down to the most subtle gestures, expressions and meditations, every embodiment practice is carefully curated and designed to awaken your desired state.

Unlike other fitness programs, WSW workouts honour your natural energy cycles. Slow and easy-does-it (with a yogic focus) so you can glide gently into your day? Perfect.  Dynamic and fluid movement to unlock the kind of boundless, high-vibe energy you’ve been craving? Absolutely. Fired up core connection? An open heart and peaceful mind? Fierce and flexible?

Yes, yes, yes.  Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder.