New Interview: Brieann Gets Wabi-Sabi With Lex Weinstein

Many moons ago I had the pleasure of training Lex Weinstein - Blogger, Artist, Stylist and “Ambassador Of The Senses,” among other things. Hers is the voice of free-thinkers, rebels, creative minds and peaceful rule breakers. Those who’ve traded the modern hamster wheel and 9-to-5 security of the “real world” for full time wandering, adventure and inspiration. True to Lex's life, our One-On-One sessions together were a trip. Spontaneous, unpredictable on and off screen adventures. We trained on the sunny shores of Burleigh Heads, in the back of her broom [...]

March 16th, 2016|Headspace, Interviews, News, Wellbeing|

New Interview: Wabi-Sabi Well On The Inspired Table Podcast

If you've seen our vlogs then you know that we like to talk. A lot. Especially when it comes to topics that light us up. So it will come as no surprise that we have a bit of fun doing three-way podcast interviews. Yeah, we said it. We love a good three way. We recently had the pleasure of being featured on Jordanna Levin's podcast, The Inspired Table. Jordan is a holistic wellness coach, speaker, writer and conscious cook, who believes that food should inspire and nourish, not be a [...]

February 10th, 2016|Headspace, Interviews|