“Music that melts the separate parts of your body together.” Anais Nin

Back in my festival fiend days (a past life ago now) you’d find me two-steppin’ round the dance-floor boom boxes. I got off on feeling the kick-drum in my chest, my whole body amped and electric with sympathetic vibration – fuzzy frissons from head to toe. These days i’m a lot more savvy and ‘self-lovey’ about what I expose my more delicate organs to. Progressive house and ear-drum-damaging-doof have made way for pure sound waves that replenish my body and mind and give me access to that transcendent Theta state. No I haven’t joined a Kirtan commune and yes, I’ll still be a funk husla’s with you when festivals roll into town. I’ve just discovered a way to feel high (hold the come down). Self-preservation is my symphony these days. So if you need me – I’ll be on the yoga dance floor, rocking the, ‘I’m only here for the savasanna sound shower’ printed T.

Why I love sound meditations

Music itself is a fleeting thing, ephemeral and ungraspable – though it’s impact on the mind and body is tangible and absolutely measurable. It has the ability to change the rhythm of brainwaves as well as heartbeat and breath. What’s currently blowing my mind (both literally and figuratively) however, is the effect of high frequency harmonics. They charge the nervous system and the cortex of the brain, clearing moth-balled energies and building new brain connections. This translates into major energy and aptitude boost.

Last year i attended a healing harmonics workshop, hosted by Elvina Munir It was an unutterably sublime, somewhat out-of-body experience. After such a divine awakening-of-the-ears, I had to pay it forward. I promptly bought a set of chimes (hand-made here in Byron Bay) so I could bring the sonic goodness straight to you.

The Chakra Chimes you’ll hear in this meditation are precisely tuned to the chakra frequency (C major) and each individual sound frequency relates to a specific chakra. As the sound carries through your body, it clears, balances and aligns your chakra system. Mucho importante for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Because our brains are natural pattern seekers, we play the chimes in random, intuitive sequences. These less predictable combinations take you out of the control tower of your mind and subdue you into a deep, restorative state of meditation.

As a meditative tool, these chimes offer a gateway out of the monkey-mind (constant chatter, hopping from one thing to the next) and into deep relaxation, a slipstream into Theta brain waves. When you’re in Theta state, your innate intuition, inner healing resources and creativity become more accessible to the body and mind. Think: mental clarity + endorphin boosts + oceans of inspiration.

Bonus: Because the ear is connected to every part of the body via nerve pathways, the natural healing harmonics of the chimes have an immediate and positively soothing effect on the whole system. Think of it as a sound massage for your mind, body and soul.

Who is this made for

If you struggle to sit still and hush the mind chatter, these chimes will be a tremendous tool for you. Listening to sound is one of the most potent and effective ways to meditate. I use these energy chimes in all sessions including those I take at Byron Private Rehab for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, eating disorders and relationship issues. Regardless of how much meditation experience folks have or what frame of mind they are in, the healing harmonics have a profound effect. They’re tiger balm for a tense mind. So consider this a medicinal meditation for everybody! Yes, that means you too.

Just to recap…

During this 20 minute Guided Chakra Chimes Meditation you will:

  • Clear energetic blockages, move stagnant energies and balance the entire chakra system
  • Refresh your body and mind and improve your capacity for clarity, concentration and presence
  • Calm the nervous system to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue as you drop into Theta brain waves. Note: when you are in Theta brain waves, your innate inner healing resources and creativity are more easily accessed and used by the body and mind

Musos like John Cage wax lyrical that ‘the purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind thus making it susceptible to divine influence.’ So on that sweet note, carve out 20 minutes, climb onto your meditation cushion (or fluff a little nap-nest!) and let the sound vibrations take you away, to your favourite inner island.

2017 UPDATE: Can’t access this audio? It might not be in season. Head to the shop and download it to you device for instant access – no matter where you are or how strong/weak your wi fi signal. Note: Each WSW meditation is available on youtube periodically and only for a limited time. So if you’re craving a Chakra Balancing Sound Bath today, click here.

Happy meditating folks!