Short, Sweet + Sweaty Workout

Short, Sweet + Sweaty Workout

1 x 23 minute video

Instant MP4 download (yours to keep and take with you everywhere. No wifi, no worries!)

Duration: 23:43 minutes
File Size: 839.9MB

Pick me if

You’re short on time and want a challenging, full body workout that will leave you in sweaty bliss. If you want to feel elevated, vital and flying high this is the workout for you.

What it is

It’s an all too familiar theme song, one we’re all guilty of (subconsciously) singing. “Not enough”, on repeat, right? There’s “not enough time”, “not enough space”, “not enough equipment”, “not enough energy.” The lyrics vary day to day but the chorus remains the same. We’re pretty keen to change that tune. And so, we give you… the antidote to “not enough” in the form of 23 mins of body-rockin’ feel-good fitness. You’ll never not have enough time for this hot and shvetty little number.

In less than 25 minutes, this video will:

  • Activate your intention for the day (sidenote: intention setting isn’t just for morning! Remember, every moment is an opportunity for a fresh start)
  • Give you a full-body, metabolism boosting workout to tighten and tone your muscles from top to toe
  • Detoxify, purify and cleanse the body by stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing circulation
  • Open your pores so can you sweat out toxins
  • Boost cognitive function and clear your mind
  • Help you tune in to an attitude of gratitude

On the other side, you’ll feel alive, alert and activated. Motivation kicks into gear, alongside your metabolism and a crystal clear mindset. And the fact that you can smash out a powerful, pocket-size workout before brekky (or on your lunch break… or while the kids are napping… or when your to-do list hijacks a longer workout) will give you a sense of achievement that will have you sailing through the rest of your day. Ready to give it a go? Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat.