Luminous Being, Limitless Potential Guided Meditation

Luminous Being, Limitless Potential Guided Meditation

1 x 21 minute video

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Duration: 21 minutes
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You want to feel spacious, expansive, light, limitless. If you’re playing small or stuck in a cycle of self defeat and doubt this meditation will expand you beyond current limitations, awaken your cosmic intelligence and re-mind you that your potential is completely negotiable. You are the one to decide how vast and brilliant, bold, luminous you will be today and every day.

This meditation uses somatic awareness, intention setting, mantra, visualization and clear quartz crystal singing bowls as a means to raise your frequency and create a connection to your Self (your highest Self) that is unshakeable. Whether you’re playing small, feeling disconnected or stuck in a cycle of self defeat and doubt this meditative journey will expand you beyond current limitations, awaken your inner knowing and help you reclaim your sense of self-trust and personal power.

This meditation features the ethereal tones of clear quartz crystal singing bowls. These pure sound vibrations enter the energetic and cellular structure of the listener, help reconfigure the energy field and incite a cellular expression of wellbeing. Note: the fact that they are playing oh so softly (and un-obtrusively) in the background does not matter. This vibrational transfer would occur even if the receiver was completely deaf!

With the help of this meditation you will replace ‘limitation’ with ‘luminosity’, leave small-ing behaviors and thought patterns behind and enter a vast realm of infinite possibilities and potential.

Twenty one minutes of deep relaxation to re-mind you of your place in this benevolent, free, fluid universe of soul-full belonging. Regardless of how you are feeling, this meditation will settle your soul and deliver you back to the magnificence of your totality.

More specifically you will:

  • Be guided through a powerful intention setting process
  • Increase somatic awareness via a peace inducing body scan
  • Cultivate a felt sense of spaciousness from the inside out
  • Draw on the power of visualization to leave the edges of your mind-body and experience divine, infinite, expansive space in a visceral way
  • Distill your desires and aspirations into a mantra that will keep you emotionally aligned for the day
  • Be re-minded of your power, potential, inherent worth and intelligence
  • Awaken an ancient remembering and sense of soul-full belonging via the healing currents of the crystal singing bowls
  • Receive the gifts of clear quartz crystal and sound vibrations (clearing, energizing, transforming) to effect mind-body healing.