Full-Filled Rescue Remedy Self-Soothing Guided Meditation

Full-Filled Rescue Remedy Self-Soothing Guided Meditation

1 x 13 minute video

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Duration: 13 minutes
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This guided meditation is a sweet, self-soothing ritual that gently unravels unhelpful (anxiety-driven) habits and guides you home to your highest Self, your true Buddha nature. It replaces self-flagellation, criticism and doubt with a new lens of love and appreciation. The ultimate gesture of self care.

If you struggle with overeating, excess drinking, addictions and broken behaviours this is your soul salve. Your rescue remedy. It draws on powerful self-soothing techniques, gestures of kindness, gratitude and inner dialogue to interrupt anxiety, de-accumulate stress and encourage your nervous system to continually choose the fork in the road toward the parasympathetic response (rest, digest, reproduce functions). It’s the ultimate nervous system hack – an elegant way of intercepting a shame spiral and re-wiring your brain for long terms pattern change and paradigm shifts.

With regular practice it replaces the internalised shame voice (inner critic + the voice of self doubt) with one of compassion and self-celebration. The intention of this meditation is to nourish you, cell to soul. To have you feeling so fulfilled, so nourished, so satisfied on a cellular level, it crowds out the compulsion to reach for (self-medicating) pseudo soothers that do not serve your highest good. Over time it will help hard-wire a system of self acceptance (and radical embrace-ism), so you can finally relax into the body and the life you love.

On a sonic note, this meditation features the ethereal tones of clear quartz crystal singing bowls. These pure sound vibrations enter the energetic and cellular structure of the listener, help reconfigure the energy field and incite a cellular expression of wellbeing.

As a regular practice, this meditation will help you:

  • Boost self esteem + self love + sense of self worth
  • Improve your capacity for connection and intimacy (both with your Self and others)
  • Elegantly hack your nervous system to replace a stressed/anxious default setting with a calm, content, sublimely fulfilled state of being
  • Re-wire your brain (through neuroplasticity) and develop a new, friendly, supportive inner dialogue
  • Create self-reinforcing feedback loops that inspire more evolved choices, positive behavioural patterns and an overall, enhanced sense of wellbeing
  • Grow inner resources of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, confidence, personal power, peace, presence
  • Reduce relapses into unhelpful habits and broken behaviours (like compulsive eating, smoking, drinking, addictive online wanderings etc)
  • Reduce the amount of (life) time spent in self-criticism, shame-spirals (and other unwell frames of mind)
  • Internalise a felt sense of gratitude
  • Heal your body and mind.