Anyone else finding those summer-lovin’ infusions of fruit, super foods and sweet blended ice a little harsh on the (already) frostbitten brain?

I’ll be the last to admit it but smoothies in winter are more ‘torture’ than ‘treat’.


The Tao of Smoothies: Balancing Yin and Yang

In the (Yin) season of winter it’s best to tuck into warm and hot (Yang) foods and bevies.Why? Because they stimulate the vital organs and generate body heat.

Avoid Extra Icy for Optimal Digestion This Winter:

According to Daniel Reid, author of  The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, drinking ice cold infusions like smoothies with your meal tends to “freeze shut the tiny ducts which secrete gastric juices in the stomach”. Meaning more putrefaction and fermentation than proper digestion. Pass thank you.

So, what to do on those nippy nights and cold winter days? (Clearly, adding water to a tea bag is not a superfood smoothie substitute).

The following three recipes ought to help.

Warm Lemon Gingerbread Elixir

Piping Hot Cuppa


A round up of the rugged up winter smoothies.

Hearty liquid meals and desserts from some of my favourite culinary wizards & food bloggers. Oh and one from yours truly.