Carly’s Warm Lemon Gingerbread Superfood Smoothie

Carly from Culinary Karma contributed this recipe. “So epic, tastes like lemon gingerbread.”

Chai Mesquite Warm Superfood Smoothie

Chaiquito. WSW’s new home brew and winter warming flavour.

Maca, Ginger, Choc Triple Treat Superfood Smoothie

Maca, ginger, choc triple treat. This sexy little number boosts libido, energy + immune function.

Peppermint Choc Superfood Smoothie

Supercharged choc mint dessert to get you glowing. Decadent, delicious + guilt-free.

Tara’s Piping Hot Cuppa Cacao

Grab a Piping Hot Cuppa… Tara Bliss contributed this recipe.

Tastiest Green Smoothie Ever

A green smoothie that doesn’t taste like gr-ass. One power-packed choc mint elixir coming up.

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