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I love chatting and connecting with other creative kindreds. Come eavesdrop into a few of my favourite starry-eyed conversations, chock full of inside stories, takeaways and wonderhowtos you can try at home.

The Bharani Effect

“This time last year I was in a beautiful part of the world known as Byron Bay. There’s an energy about that area and the people who live there, they all seem to know that deep down we are all connected to the earth and each other. We met up with Brie-Ann…” READ ON

The Bharani Effect

The Inspired Table

“It’s been drilled into us for years that for exercise to be truly impactful it needs to be hardcore! If you’re not sweating, panting and close to exhaustion then you’re just not trying hard to enough. Brieann and Caitlin, co-owners of PT business Wabi-Sabi Well, are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way…” READ ON

Over the Moon

“In our very last episode of Over The Moon Radio, Brieann Boal discusses her journey from purger, pill-popper, & pipe-smoker to zen buddhist, Thai masseuse, lomi lomi expert, & wabi sabi wellness aficionado…” READ ON

Such Different Skies

“Hold onto your hats. The whimsy, contemplation and sheer inner beauty of this incredible creature is about to blow you away. Brie-ann Boal is luminous – there’s really no better word I can muster to describe her. With a big smile, and a joyful giggle…” READ ON

Earth HQ Magazine

Our Wabi-Sabi Well Magic Morning Workout was featured in Issue One of Earth HQ Magazine: READ ON

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Raspberry Magazine

“Brieaan Boal was running a unique holistic personal training business when her client Caitlin Nowland saw the potential for something bigger…” READ ON

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Susana Frioni

“Move over bikini bootcamps and constant striving for body perfection. It’s time you all indulged in some Wabi-Sabi lovin’. A fusion of movement, meditation and massage that will have you in a steady state of loving where you are and how your clothes hang…” READ ON

“If you’ve ever struggled with being objectified, feeling like a “piece of meat”, being valued for your looks (and not your heart), connecting with your body and placing others up on pedestals then you’re going to love today’s episode with special guest, Brieann Boal….” READ ON

Lex Weinstein

“From the moment I met Brieann Boal I knew there was something special about her. She emits a light that emanates to the darkest corners of the room, and her smile is nothing short of mesmerizing. A brief chat at a blogger brunch was not nearly enough to satiate our instant connection….” READ ON

Common Ground

“The sun was just breaking through the previous night’s rain-filled clouds when my bare feet touched the dewy grass under the towering Eucalyptus trees. Strewn out around me lay a yoga mat, a foam mattress covered with two colorful Mexican blankets, boxing gloves and various yoga props…” READ ON

Rave Reviews

“A ‘how-to-get-the-most-out-of-life’ guru.”
Erin Kindt, Former Field Recruiter, Lululemon AUS/NZ

“I’ve done the cardio/group training thing. I’ve laced up my runners and pounded the pavement more times than I can remember, and I’ve come back to centre on my yoga mat, but what I love about my Wabi-Sabi Well sessions is that we blend the best of all that with the stuff that feeds the spirit – intention-setting, morning sun on our faces and plenty of laughter. It feels amazing.”
Rachel MacDonald, Blogging Business Coach, In Spaces Between

“Incredibly intuitive and motivating method integrates all elements to satisfy and nourish body, mind and soul. It is joyful and strengthening, soulful and lifting, but above all, it truly will make a difference.”
Sally Anne Webb

“Whether my intention for my day ahead was ‘Creative’, ‘Present’, ‘Free’ or ‘Supported’, Wabi-Sabi Well brought my hope for the day to life, via the visceral experience of exercise. After just one month, my body is plenty stronger, and I’m able to see the clear link between movement and creativity.”
Tara Bliss, Life Coach, Such Different Skies

“A recovering perfectionist, my relationship with my body (and exercise) has been a turbulent one but the waters are now beginning to calm as I learn to treat my body with love and gratitude (for real). Like a bubble bath for the soul. I leave our sessions feeling connected to myself and oh so much lighter, both physically and mentally. It’s nothing short of magical.”
Niamh Beirne

“Not only do I look and feel fitter and stronger, I feel more centered, open and in touch with my body and have definitely developed a deeper sense of connection and love for myself.”
Jemma Gawned, creator of Naked Treaties

“Our sessions have brought me so much joy and happiness and I feel myself growing to love my body and myself more and more each day – something that can definitely be attributed to Wabi-Sabi Well’s holistic approach and ever present encouragement and enthusiasm.”
Nadine Eram

“I now have an internal calmness that I have never experienced.”
Cara Sirianni

“Wabi-Sabi Well was a breath of fresh air in my exercise and healing regime. It’s changed the way I view PT forever!”
Tara Shields, Kinesiologist

“I feel stronger, brighter, focused, more toned. I leave our sessions with more energy, peace, calm and clarity.”
Kristen Graham

“Wabi-Sabi sessions have transformed my body, mind and soul. For years I have struggled with body image and failed to find a practice of physical movement that I actually enjoyed… [it has] taught me to fall in love with movement and my own body. I finally feel at peace and at home within myself. I am feeling more vibrant, alive and powerful. My libido is back (oh yeah!) and I finally feel like I have come to a beautiful place of balance between my masculine & feminine energies.”
Sara Brooke, Meditation & Reiki Teacher

“Wabi-Sabi Well reaches inside your ‘heart and soul’… pushes that hidden green button that has the words ‘Go For It!’ written on it… able to motivate in untold ways… cause you to look deeper within yourself and explore your place in this world and possibilities for the future.”
Chris Akenfelds