I never thought I’d start a podcast.

It wasn’t something on my wish list. It just sort of happened.

After a year of sleep deprivation, brain fog and postpartum hibernation I was pretty excited to feel an ember of ambition return. For the first time in a long time there was fire in my belly. It was time to rise up, pull the nursing pads out of my bra and get back on the road to writing my first book.

Back story:

A year ago, I was approached by a New York literary agent to write a book on all things Wabi-Sabi Well. Pregnancy put a big pause on my progress but fast forward and here I am, ready to resume.

To kick off, we’re taking a quick trip down podcast lane.

No, it’s not a detour.

I’m following a creative impulse – an intuitive impulse.

Word docs were weighing me down. This platform feels light. I can take a step back… get some fresh air flowing between my thoughts. I have no doubt the pod will support, inform and energise the book.

I can also play hunter-gatherer, collecting inspiring stories and perspectives from Wabi-Sabi Warriors the world over.

My definition of a Wabi-Sabi Well Warrior is someone who is able to coax beauty out of unlikely places. Someone who…

has experienced post traumatic growth, turned imperfections into assets, pain into purpose, or unwanted habits into those that mint gold.

As Rumi wrote “Don’t turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That’s where the light enters you.” These are brave souls who haven’t turned away but instead have leaned right in to the pulse of their pain – to transmute and transform it into something beautiful.

Please tune in and listen to the first episode

then please leave a review on iTunes.


Mostly, I like the company. Leaving a review lets me know you’re with me.

The other more practical reason is that it builds social proof. I have some phenomenal folks on the guest list. Your reviews serve as a pretty compelling invitation for them. They’re more likely to say yes to a podcast that’s going to host them well and have their voices heard.

P.S I would love your feedback. Constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement are very welcome. Preferably not left in the form of a low star review. I’m playing the “social proof game” remember ;)

Please send constructive criticism in the blog comments or send them through as an email or instagram message. I’m well aware I’m a rookie and will fumble straight out of gate. As Anne Lamott says. “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.”

So be a nice human. Let me start here.

All that said, here is the teaser…

and first episode…

Show Notes:

2:30 What is Wabi-Sabi?

5:55 The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic

6:15 Mending the cracks with gold, the Japanese practice of gold joinery

7:05 Alchemists | Wabi-Sabi Warriors | Goldmining the shadows

8:50 The Wabi-Sabi way of being | Sate of Mind  | Worldview

9:33 What Wabi-Sabi feels like for me | Personal definition

11:34 Wabi-Sabi – “The Zen of things”

13:56 Pursuit of perfection | Our selfie-ready, Social media culture

14:30 Personal history | Eating disorders | Body image | Approval seeking

17:30 A body-love practice for you to apply in the laboratory of your own life

18:45 My current Wabi-Sabi Well body-love practice

The alchemy of acceptance | reinvention | self-love and self-celebration

22:17 Your beautiful body | A devotional reminder & invocation

24:25 What is Wabi-Sabi Well?

26:55 My Why

27:50 Intentions

29:36 This is the podcast for you if you’re seeking…

32:07 Gratitude ritual


In this episode you will:

  • Discover the ancient wisdom of Wabi-Sabi – a powerful antidote to heal many of our modern concerns.
  • Find inspiration to abandon the pursuit of perfection and embrace your perfectly imperfect self. For real.
  • Experience a daily ritual that has the potential to radically shift your sense of Self, elevate your lens on life and boost your confidence.
  • Learn why I feel compelled to share the gifts of Wabi-Sabi
  • Discover how I get Wabi-Sabi Well and discover the art and true beauty of my imperfections
  • Listen in on my intentions with the podcast and who I made it for.


Show Links

Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren

The Wabi-Sabi House by Robyn Griggs Lawrence