Sneak Peak: What we’re whipping up in the Wabi-Sabi Lab

Meditation 101:

An Essential Kit For Creating A Meditation Practice That Will Upgrade Your Life


Before we ever had a regular, established meditation practice, we dabbled with the best of them. We’d grin and bear it through the meditation portion of our yoga classes, letting our mind skip between grocery lists, what to have for dinner and “Oh Shit, Ommmmmmm”.

At home, we tried this and that guided meditation. We resolved to meditate every. damn. day. Hell bent on sticking to it (because: stress, health…and access to the express lane of enlightenment, right? But buyer beware: levitation costs extra), only to have our resolve fade away like a bad dye job on Day 5.

You want a list of reasons why we bailed? Hmm, well, a mountain of to-dos, not enough time (never enough time!), worried that we weren’t “doing it right”, convincing ourselves that it was a pointless exercise since we clearly couldn’t control our monkey minds, feeling mega-guilty for sitting and doing “nothing” for 15 minutes, and anyway, if we were cut out for this it wouldn’t be THIS BLOODY HARD. Well you get the picture, and you could probably fill in a handful of reasons yourself.

What we didn’t have was a list of reasons (or even a single, shining reason) WHY we really, truly deep-down in our cells wanted (and hello, NEEDED) to become regular meditators. And when you don’t have a crystal clear WHY, you stop showing up. Sound familiar?

So here’s what we’re proposing. A guide that is equal parts inspiration, technical tips and transformational methodology.

What would you be putting in your shopping cart? An instantly downloadable package of 6 Guided Meditation MP3s (yep, you asked for it! Take ’em anywhere!) in tandem with an inspired eBook. Here’s a quick rundown on the contents of the eBook:

  • First Things First: Exercises and worksheets to get you crystal-fucking clear on the WHY behind your meditation practice. You’re gonna wanna turn the page. But don’t. Stay right here. This is the point of transformation. This will make or break your meditation practice.
  • Introduction To Meditation: This section is where we tell you all the sciencey bits and bobs. If you’re not need-to-know-how-and-why type, you can skip this. BUT if you want to lift the lid on why meditation is the bee’s knees and the effect on your brain and body…we encourage you to stick around, because this is the icing on the cake. When you know how and why meditation works it instantly adds more meaning, more motivation and more commitment to the showing up part.
  • How To Meditate – The Nuts And Bolts: Here are the non-negotiables, the base ingredients and the recipe for meditation magic. Start here and down the track, you can get creative with how you put it together,  Soup Of The Day style Meditation.
  • Meditate Like A Boss: The keys to the consistent-meditator-castle. The little things that will help you successfully build a lasting meditation practice. Plus, what happens when you miss a date/when the proverbial shiz hits the fan/or have a baby (or three!), recovery strategies and an emergency tool kit.
  • Get Started:
    • The Meditation Menu: the rundown on all of the meditations in your MP3 library – which meditations are best for what, when to do them, and why.
    • Meditation Treat-Yo’self Tracker: Our unique 40 day meditation tracking journal. Think equal parts gameful experiment and well, TREATS. Because: fun matters. Research shows that a gameful approach generates stick-to-it-ness which renders lasting results.
  • Plus: Mucho bonus swag with demos and more.

Bottom line

Two things stood in the way of us becoming consistent daily meditators (read: nicer people, more creative, more purposeful, more present, lighter in mind (and body – yes, we said it! meditate for weight loss), more tuned into our aliveness, more patient, more relaxed, and just generally, well, happier!). First off – we didn’t know HOW to technically establish a meditation practice. And secondly, (undoubtedly more important) we didn’t know WHY we really, deep down wanted (or needed) to become regular meditators.

So our goal with this Meditation 101 eBook + meditation kit is to help you:

  • Dig deep and get to the bottom of your most compelling WHY
  • Dissolve old habitual patterns and set in place new empowering practices
  • Discover the keys to long-term motivation and commitment
  • Establish a practice that will unequivocally upgrade the quality of your life.

The Meditation 101 Bundle Includes:

  • Wabi-Sabi Well Guide To Meditation eBook
  • Printable Meditation Tracker/Journal
  • Library of six of guided meditation MP3s, yours to download and keep.

And now it’s over to you! We want to hear your thoughts.

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