“Who am I to call myself an artist / a writer / a yoga instructor / a personal trainer / or anything for that matter? Who am I to own my intelligence. To be fierce. And bold. And brilliant AF!?”

This chronic questioning, this sense of inadequacy of somehow falling short is common ground on which we all meet. I hear it in clients, I hear it at sister circle, I hear it in my own head.  It’s part of the human condition and why wouldn’t it be. We are a conglomerations of contradictions – intergalactic star stuff encircled round by earthy flesh and bone.

There’s a part of us that knows we are pure consciousness, pure awareness, part of the indivisible universal whole. We’re re-minded of this when we enter that state of ‘flow’. The small ‘self’ disappears and we are immersed in visceral validation of oneness. Edgeless, and oceanic. For a wrinkle in time, we soar above boundaries…Then the cosmic window closes and we are returned to our containers. Landlocked. Once again, trying to reconcile that gap between the different forms of who we know ourselves to be.

We are all human. And we are all gods. We are infinity, expressed on a mortal coil.

And because this anomaly is woven into the very fabric of our beings of course we vacillate between knowing and doubting, feeling limitless and limited, sensing our pure potential and feeling chronically under realized. But what if we all collectively exhaaaled.

What if we stopped trying to figure it all out and simply smiled affectionately at our “trying-so-hard-selves” our “furrowed little thinking-minds.”

What if we decided everything is always imperfectly perfect and just embraced the un-utterably sublime adventure of existing in this physical form on this living dyeing planet. Creatures of curiosity, exploring our edges and ’making connections. Navigating naivety and not-knowingess. Feeling at home in the the questions, the transitions, the liminal space. Wrapped up in revelatory ecstasy, exhilaration and a clusterfuck of contradictions and delightful confusions.

What if we tore off the labels and fell in love with the contraction as much as the expansion – letting the double helix of dark and light dance soulfully under our skin. What if we simply let ourselves BE.

Wholeheartedly, unconditionally in love with life and ALL her mysterious way.

Einstein once said. “There are two way to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

Which will it be today?


Psst. Here’s something to make the choice easy.

If you’re playing small or stuck in a cycle of self defeat and doubt this meditation will expand you beyond current limitations, awaken your cosmic intelligence and re-mind you that your potential is completely negotiable. You are the one to decide how vast and brilliant, bold, luminous you will be today and every day.

This meditation uses somatic awareness, intention setting, mantra and visualization as a means to raise your frequency and create a connection to your Self (your highest Self) that is unshakeable. Sample it below and scoop it up (for keeps) from the shop.

Enjoy the SHINE on you crazy diamonds!

2017 UPDATE: Can’t access this meditation? It might not be in season. Head to the shop and download it to you device for instant access – no matter where you are or how strong/weak your wi fi signal. Note: Each WSW meditation is available on youtube periodically and only for a limited time. So if you’re craving Luminosity and Limitless Potential today, click here.