Many moons ago I had the pleasure of training Lex Weinstein – Blogger, Artist, Stylist and “Ambassador Of The Senses,” among other things. Hers is the voice of free-thinkers, rebels, creative minds and peaceful rule breakers. Those who’ve traded the modern hamster wheel and 9-to-5 security of the “real world” for full time wandering, adventure and inspiration.

True to Lex’s life, our One-On-One sessions together were a trip. Spontaneous, unpredictable on and off screen adventures. We trained on the sunny shores of Burleigh Heads, in the back of her broom cupboard (via Skype) and in Mexican castles curtained by rain (to the unimaginative: that translates to colourful mats and Mexi-blankets pitched over a picnic table).

It goes without saying that the journey was a tonne of fun and chock full of insights, epiphanies and a-huh moments. In fact, the conversation was so ripe and juicy it spilled over onto Lex’s blog in the form of an interview with yours truly. (FYI- Lex’s blog is a dreamy, sun-kissed stretch of virtual paradise. If you’re heading over there, you might want to pack a cooler and make a day of it.)

In the interview, we talk about Wabi-Sabi as a meditation tool and a template for transformation. I explain the anatomy of a One-On-One training session and share some tips on how you can play from home.

Head to Lex’s blog to read the interview. Who knows, it might just open your eyes to a new way of working out. One that leaves those perfection-seeking, body-bashing days on the far, forgotten shoreline. My hope is that this conversation is a clarion call – strip off your body shame and run hootin’ and a hollerin’ – salty hair don’t care – in the direction of your most care-free, joy-filled life.

What are you waiting for folks, wriggle into your spring suit, let your hair down, dive into these words and get on the Wabi-Sabi Well party wave.

Love, BB x

P.S. Threads: Without Walls activewear available at Urban Outfitters + Photographer: Tess Leopold / In Search of This

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