Raise a hand if you’re a comfort eater, a self aversion artist or a take-the-edge-off-aholic?

Just think, right now, across our vast land, untold hands are rising up. Put ’em high, I say and consider it a collective salute. ;) We all have habits that don’t serve us. For some, it’s chain eating chips, binge watching Netflix or having a cheeky glass or two (too many). For others, it’s a little more extreme. Regardless of where they sit on the severity spectrum, I’m guessing life would be sweeter without them, right?

For those of you just getting to know me, I have an addictive personality. Or so i’ve been told. Over and over and over and over and over again. For better or worse, I am my Father’s daughter. My soiree with addiction ranged from juice fiend and feta cheese addict (age 3), to full blown eating disorders, pipes, pills and an obsessive “work fidget.”  Basically, your classic serial self-averter stuff (you can read that little sealed section here)

They say, you know you’re an addict when you misplace things… ahem, like a decade. I spent longer than I care to admit struggling with my demons. Safe  to say, the shape shifters, doubters and demons ,as well as the better angels of my nature have reconciled. They now co-exist, happily and harmoniously on snuggle buddy terms.

What I find interesting, in that cosmic-wow kind of way, is how our personal struggles often pick our path. As the saying goes, we teach what we most need to learn. So here I am, spending my today’s guiding movement therapy and conducting mindfulness workshops for women (and men) struggling with eating disorder, addictions, anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issue. Glad to be here, is how I feel and incredibly honoured to work with such courageous kindreds.

As a flow on from requests made in one-on-ones and workshops at Byron Private Rehab, the Mindfulness curriculum (along with personalised guidance) are now available online! Look for the Mindfulness Master Class on the coaching tab.

Click here to learn how this 8 week (online) Master Class can help you ease anxiety and clear unhelpful habits.

Places are limited so if you’re feeling called to explore this practice, I’d like to invite you to enrol in this new program today.

A Self-Renewing Ritual For You

Meanwhile, if your inner DJ’s spinning “Oops I did it again” something chronic, interrupt the symphony of self doubt now! This self-soothing practice is designed to help you slide into a new neural groove. It’s been a rescue remedy for many of my clients and myself. Let it be tiger balm for your tired mind too.

Click here to sample for free, here for the nuts and bolts on how and why it works. Or here to download to your device –  take it with you anywhere and support me in adding more empowering tools to your kit.

As a regular practice, this meditation will help you:

  • Boost self esteem + self love + sense of self worth
  • Improve your capacity for connection and intimacy (both with your Self and others)
  • Elegantly hack your nervous system to replace a stressed/anxious default setting with a calm, content, sublimely fulfilled state of being
  • Re-wire your brain (through neuroplasticity) and develop a new, friendly, supportive inner dialogue
  • Create self-reinforcing feedback loops that inspire more evolved choices, positive behavioural patterns and an overall, enhanced sense of wellbeing
  • Grow inner resources of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, confidence, personal power, peace, presence
  • Reduce relapses into unhelpful habits and broken behaviours (like compulsive eating, smoking, drinking, addictive online wanderings etc)
  • Reduce the amount of (life) time spent in self-criticism, shame-spirals (and other unwell frames of mind)
  • Internalise a felt sense of gratitude
  • Heal your body and mind.


2017 UPDATE: Can’t access this meditation? It might not be in season. Head to the shop and download it to you device for instant access – no matter where you are or how strong/weak your wi fi signal. Note: Each WSW meditation is available on youtube periodically and only for a limited time. So if you’re craving a soul soother today, click here.

P.S Want to replace your unwanted habits with this little rescue remedy? Head here – download this meditation to you digital device so you can tune in anywhere, anytime you need.