Tone Up + Tune In 3-Part Workout

We designed this Tone Up + Tune In workout in three separate videos so that you can customise your workout depending on your energy levels and how much time you have on any given day. Part 1 includes intention setting and a warm up to open up the energy pathways. Part 2 is a full-body circuit workout. And Part 3 wraps up the workout with a relaxing wind-down, savasana and gratitude ritual.

Start with Part 1, then move on to Part 2. If you’re short on time, move straight on to Part 3 to wrap up your workout. If you’ve got energy to burn and you’re craving a longer, stronger workout, repeat Part 2 up to three times before closing with Part 3. Take what you need.

During this Tone Up + Tune In workout you will:

  • Tune in to your desire and activate your intention for the day
  • Open the flow of energy through the meridian system of the body
  • Embody strength, balance, grace, flexibility and creative potential as you tone and lengthen your muscles
  • Charge up your Solar Plexus and boost your confidence, strength and determination
  • Deeply release the connective tissues in your backbody, relax in savasana and be guided through a beautiful gratitude ritual

By the end of this workout, you’ll feel clear and confident. You’ll dissolve negativity and energetic blockages. You’ll feel balanced in body and mind. You’ll feel toned and tuned up from top to toe…and tuned in to your body’s aliveness.