Magic Morning Workout

Our Magic Morning Workout Video is thirty minutes of self-renewing, intention-driven exercise to set the tone for your entire day.

We can’t guarantee levitation but this workout will get you pretty close. Specifically, the Magic Morning Workout video will:

  • Wake up every single cell of your body with invigorating movements that get the blood pumping, clear the energy pathways, balance your energy centres (chakras) and boost your metabolism.
  • Boost nitric oxide (the molecule of life force) and invite more joy into your day.
  • Guide you through powerful intention setting process and help you craft a mantra that will keep you emotionally aligned for the day.
  • Perform a simple (but incredibly powerful) gratitude ritual. Part of our arsenal in positive neuroplasticity – it’s all about adapting and changing your brain – fading out the negativity bias in favour of thoughts that improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Clear your mind and soak up the post-workout glow with a guided relaxation (savasana).