Guided Chakra Chimes Meditation

Chakra Chimes balance and clear the chakra system but also offer a gateway out of the monkey-mind and into deep relaxation, maybe even allowing you to dive deep into Theta brain waves where your innate intuition, inner healing resources and creativity become more accessible. Think: mental clarity + endorphin boosts + oceans of inspiration. Did we hear a hell yeah!?

During this 7 minute Guided Chakra Chimes Meditation you will:

  • Clear energetic blockages, move stagnant energies and balance the entire chakra system
  • Refresh your body and mind and improve your capacity for clarity, concentration and presence
  • Calm the nervous system to reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue as you drop into Theta brain waves, allowing your innate inner healing resources and creativity to be more easily accessed and used by the body and mind

Musos like John Cage wax lyrical that “the purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind thus making it susceptible to divine influence.” Beautiful, right? So on that sweet note, carve out 7 minutes, climb onto your meditation cushion (or fluff a little nap-nest!) and let the sound vibrations carry you away to your inner island.