Full Moon Guided Meditation

This Wabi-Sabi Well Full Moon Guided Meditation goes along with our 4-page printable step-by-step Full Moon Ritual Guide outlining the things we do to make the most of the full moon vibes. Download it for free here.

For this meditation, you’ll need a pen and paper and a candle. If you’ve set up a Full Moon altar, you can use the candle in your altar. During this 10 minute guided meditation you will come to stillness, and reflect on areas of your life where there may be friction, negativity or subconscious patterns. From this point of reflection, we can leverage the energetic action of the moon to then do some spiritual spring-cleaning. Letting go, setting fire to and burning down what’s no longer working. From this place of clarity, we are better able to set intentions and move forward in our lives with confidence and direction.