Fire-Starter Ab Workout

Our Fire Starter Ab Workout video is a rocking core workout that will supercharge your Solar Plexus and give you fuel to move forward in your life with assertive, confident sure-footedness.

In less than 20 minutes, this video will:

  • Give you that abs-on-fire feeling with a purpose-built series of core strengthening exercises
  • Boost your confidence, strength, power, determination
  • Guide you through powerful intention setting process and help you craft a mantra to enhance your workout – and your day
  • Engage the power of creative visualization to enhance results (physical, emotional and spiritual)
  • Still the mind, lower cortisol and change brainwaves with a brief meditation and savasana to set you up for a powerful, focused and productive day

By the end of this video you’ll feel connected to the purity and power of your inner fire. You’ll feel lean, you’ll feel strong and that lingering burn in your belly will gift you with a strong sense of connection, on-point poise, and a double dose of willpower. Note that you can follow Caitlin for some modified versions of some of the moves (3 months postpartum when we filmed this!)