Ola, I’m back with one more piece of the Magic Morning puzzle for you! (If you haven’t already tried the Magic Morning Workout Video and the Magic Morning Meditation, give them a go here and here.)

My inbox has been filling up with requests for a portable version of the Magic Morning Workout Video (stay tuned for that, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve!) In the meantime, I’ve whipped up a little cheat sheet for you to download (for FREE!), save or print and take with you anywhere. It’s a condensed version of our Magic Morning Workout Video – but it’s still chock full of the moves that will transform your day.

The Magic Morning Workout Printable Guide has three easy to follow sections:

  • Get your mind right: a guide to setting an intention and crafting a mantra for your day. Set one of your own or select from three options we’ve created for you.
  • Move your body: seven sets of invigorating movements that will get the blood pumping, clear the energy pathways, balance your energy centres (chakras) and boost your metabolism.
  • Meditation & savasana: cues for a two-minute meditation and gratitude ritual, plus a reminder to take your sweet time in savasana (it’s the best part!).

This guide is perfect for taking your morning workout on the road, to the beach, to the park… wherever! Click here to access your free Magic Morning Workout Printable and be sure to pop back here to the blog and share your post-workout glow in the comments below! I hope this guide makes it even easier to start your day Wabi-Sabi Well!