A lots changed since this picture was taken. Back then our little Brie/osh bun was about the size of a Brioche bun. Now he’s somewhere between a cantaloupe and a cauliflower. So I’m in pelvic-floor-preservation mode.

Heads up!

For those who don’t know, pelvic floor is the sling of muscles at the base of your pelvis, which support the bladder, bowel, vagina and uterus.

Running, and other high-impact activities like jumping already put a lot of pressure on these muscles.

In my first trimester I was training for a marathon. “I’m going for a run,” meant – “I’ll see you in 2 hours.” Now, the idea of a 660g cantaloupe-cauliflower man trampolining off that sling of muscles, while I run to the horizon and back…

Let’s just say it’s enough to break my stride.

I like to think that my little guy will be the only one in nappies. So in the interests, of avoiding incontinence and preserving my pelvic floor I’ve modified my movement patterns.


+ I’m favouring shorter sessions and low impact.


+ I’m still teaching Pilates but I’m relying on verbal cues and body doubles for physical demos. The pelvic floor exercises ie. kegel exercises I do at the start of each class though are golden


+ My 20-30km runs have been replaced with long walks that are punctuated with tiny bursts of light jogging, lunges or steps (still chasing that fix)


+ 60min session have been replaced by 7min sessions (a shot of endorphins & fresh oxygenated blood does wonders for my mood and energy). Think squats, lunges, incline push ups, back strengthening work and modified planks. *I’m creating guides for these mini workouts, as we speak.


+ Except for a few key poses, yoga and stretching are out of season for me. Because of all the relaxin, everything’s so loose. I’m leaning towards (and literally leaning on) the trigger point ball for that deep release now. Adios pelvic pain.


+ I’m incorporating more back exercises to counter the extra weight on my front.


+ And swimming is the new running. I’m a pool snob. Can’t deal with the smell of chlorine. So it’s been laps of the tea tree lake for me.


I would love to hear from all the mamas out there. If you want a training companion I’m your bump buddy. I’ve been busy designing the perfect pregnancy program. Everything you need to stay fit and keep your pelvic floor strong through your pregnancy and beyond. Come at me with any questions or curiosities you might have. And stay tuned for the official release date