We all have an unwanted habit or few. For some, it’s taking the edge off with comfort food or a few glasses of red. For others, those unwanted habits have grown into addictions, disorders and compulsive behaviours.

Mindfulness is the Buddhist practice of being aware, moment-to-moment. It’s sitting with yourself, instead of reaching for an external stimulus or fix. Mindfulness gives us the space to consciously choose. Each time you are able to create that space for choice, you reclaim your power and that confident sense of self-control.

They say, “we teach what we most needed to learn?” No surprise that you’ll find me, most days, here – guiding kindreds out of the labyrinth of eating disorders, addiction and other maladaptive behaviours. Clarifying the body-mind connection, finding relief from the inner critic and the how-to’s of mindful eating and meditation are just a few of the themes we explore.

Clients report back, “What have you done to me!” (in a good way). They feel “free” and “much lighter, both physically and mentally.” They tell me “my life has taken a 180 degree turn!” I’ve definitely developed a deeper sense of connection and love for my self.” They describe how their “zen habits” are crowding out their “bad habits.” And collectively, they’re feeling “empowered,” “energised,” “balanced” and “motivated.” (FYI a compilation of their words not mine. For flow and readability I haven’t attached the source names but you can find them in the testimonials)

As a flow on from requests and suggestions made in my workshops and one-on-ones. I’m pleased to announce the Mindfulness curriculum and personalised guidance are now available online. If you’re feeling called to explore this practice, I’d like to invite you to be part of this new program. The WSW Mindfulness Master Class is an interactive 8 week online program that helps you reconnect and return to a healthy state of balance, harmony and well being.  This program draws on both my personal recovery (read here) and my professional experience.

  • Collaborating with Jost Sauer, author of Higher and Higher and Drug Repair That Works on his Urban Retreat
  • Designing Beyond Booze’s Mindfulness Module and
  • Providing mindfulness training, yoga and movement therapy to individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, trauma and relationship issues at Byron Private Rehabilitations Centre.

Here, the teachings and curriculum have been distilled into a personalised, interactive course with weekly one-on-one training provided via Skype.

If you struggle with overeating, excess drinking, addictions, broken behaviours or any unwanted ‘oops-i-did-it-again” habit, this is for you. It answers the question – “Why do we do the things we do, when we know what we know?” And draws on powerful self-soothing techniques, nervous system hacks, yogic interventions and meditative practices to mobilize your own inner resources and re-wire your brain for long terms pattern change and paradigm shifts.

Mindfulness is a way for you to (experientially) learn how to honour your internal realities and take better care of yourself. Based on what others have said this 8 weeks gently unravels unhelpful (anxiety-driven) habits, replaces criticism and doubt with a new lens of love and appreciation. And self destructive compulsions with gestures of self care. The beauty of Wabi-Sabi mindfulness is that it’s not another “add-on.” It is ease fully integrated into your daily living. By the end of 8weeks expect to feel “present”, “more focused, more creative, more aligned and more intentional”, “a deep sense of inner calm”.

The WS 8 Week Mindful Project is conducted via 8 one-on-one Skype sessions with thematic takeaways, off-the-mat enhancements and workbook exercises to deepen your experiential learning.Let me tell you what’s covered week to week.

Course Overview:

Week 1: BASE CAMP: This is your your starting point, where we discover your intentions (your heart’s compass) and customise your care plan. With a map in your hand some wind your sails you’ll feel ready for this quest.

Week 2: RECONNECTING WITH THE BREATH: Pranayama Practice to disarm anxiety and de-accumulate stress

Week 3: RE-MINDING: re-wire your brain for long term pattern change through positive neuroplasticity – adjusting inner dialogue, uprooting internalised shame, re-parenting rituals and more

Week 4: RECONNECTING WITH BODY: Mindful Movement

Week 5: THE ART OF EQUANIMITY: Getting Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable,


Week 7: MINI MINDFULNESS INTERVENTIONS: This is your personalised prescription of 2min self-soothers, yoga sequences, rituals, rescue remedies and nervous system hacks. Your mindfulness medicication – complete with details on correct dosage and timing

Week 8: MEDITATION. We create a practice you look forward to.

Bonus: 30min follow up call to check in and ensure you are implementing what you’ve learned


Together we unwind the labyrinth of unhelpful habits and behaviours. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder picking a new direction, uncovering more evolved coping strategies and applying them in the laboratory of your own life. This is a gateway to a happy, fully-resolved, addiction-free future. Save you spot here

Look forward to beginning this quest with you.