The mind-body connection, movement as medicine and the secret stories our bodies tell are some of the topics covered in this episode. We dive into somatic therapy, bodywork and all things physical therapy. Discover a Wabi-Sabi Well approach to movement and see how it differs from industry norms. By the end of the episode you’ll be inspired to revolutionise the way you think about your body-mind, to charge your movement practices with transcendent meaning and get wabi-sabi with your workouts.

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Welcome to Wabi-Sabi Well, a podcast that nourishes your mind, body and spirit. Here you’ll find movement, meditation and a little metaphysical magic.

Think of this space as your spiritual gym. Check in each week, to work those mindset muscles, energise you’re body and elevate your lens on all-that-is. Your host (and holistic personal trainer) Brieann, is here beside you, every step of the way.

Listen in on inspiring stories, gain insights and learn practical tools from the most provocative paradigm shifters, rogue researchers and Wabi-Sabi Well Warriors – brave souls who’ve made their way out of the labyrinth. Who’ve experienced post traumatic growth, turned pain into power, broken into beautiful and imperfections into assets.

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. It invites us to shift our focus from doing to being, from perfecting to embracing, from conflict to connection. With our dogged desires for more and chronic angst about not being or having enough, it’s the kind of life-lens that offers true relief.

So, wisdom and wellness seekers, whatever mysterious starlight guided you here, trust it was for a reason. Get ready for some big magic. Because the right kind of encouragement makes all the difference.