If you’ve been part of the WSW tribe for a while now you’ve probably spent some time working up a sweat with me by streaming workout videos on the website or YouTube. Meanwhile, requests have been rolling in for downloadable versions of the workout videos, and i’m stoked to say that you can now get the good vibes to-go. Yep, WSW workout videos are now available for you to download and keep! Wohooo!

Of course, the workouts are still available to stream on the website, but if you’ve ever had an online workout rudely interrupted (or prematurely cut off) by internet shenanigans, you know what a bummer that can be. Don’t mess with my vibe, wifi! Problem solved. For the cost of a couple of chai lattes you can instantly download our workout videos to your devices and get Wabi-Sabi with me, anywhere, anytime. No wifi, no worries. Never get stuck with a frozen screen and an unfinished workout again.

Up to this point I’ve gifted access to all of workouts, meditations, articles, recipes, guides and rituals for free because I believe change-evolution-revolution starts with the individual. But creating all of this requires time and production costs. In order to keep feeding your body-mind-spirit I need your help. By purchasing a workout video, you’re helping me create more.

I hope the things I make serve you in a practical way, support you in a meaningful way and uplift your life. I’m committed to making paradise as accessible as possible – expanding your horizons and bringing you workouts, meditations, recipes and all kinds of soul nourishment that lift you UP.

I refuse to prey on the anxiety of imperfection or peddle fear for profits. Yeah, I know this philosophy goes against all the conventional sales-making and profit-boosting tactics. The pressure to be perfect is purely for profit. Industry feeds off the anxiety of imperfection. Making you feel deficient is a savvy sales tactic. And it’s one I will never, ever use.

Wabi-Sabi Well’s message is to measure yourself in contentment, confidence, laughter and freedom rather than inches and pounds. Overthrowing before-and-after photos, body-bashing, calories and kilojoules, perfection propaganda, creative oppression and body-as-sculpture B.S. in favour of more compassion, more substance, more spontaneity, playfulness and bliss, holistic integration, love and belonging, deep empowerment, regular rapture, unbridled ecstasy, intimacy, sacredness and tenderness? Heck. Yes. Now that’s a revolution I’d like to be a part of. How about you?

If you’re wearing the Wabi-Sabi war cry and want to help raise the Feel Good flag, I invite you to pop by the brand new online Wabi-Sabi Well Shop. I’ve stocked the shelves with the full range of workout videos for you to download and keep. Your purchase is a vote of support- and an an act of rebellion, a declaration that you’re taking a different route and saying sayonara to the status quo of “not-enough.” Viva La Fitness Revolution, Wabi-Sabi Warriors!

With love, gratitude and revolutionary vibes,

xx Brieann

P.S. I want to hear from you. Drop me a line on brieann@wabisabiwell.com and let me know what you’d like to see more of. What’s on your Wabi-Sabi wishlist?

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