Last month we offered our perspectives on full moon energy and why it’s the ideal time to reflect, release and get grounded. (If you want to catch up, check out that vlog here.) We also shared our 4-page printable step-by-step Full Moon Ritual Guide outlining the things we do to make the most of the full moon vibes and a guided Full Moon Meditation to enhance the ritual. This month we’re back with more lunar goodness, this time we’re dishing about new moon vibes.

As we discussed last month, by tuning in to the rhythms of the lunar cycle we can take a cue from nature and harness the powerful energy of the moon to our benefit. By staying connected to this universal energy we sidestep the need to push, control or strive, and instead we open ourselves to the flow of life.

We build our intuition, we become more receptive, more clear and empower ourselves to take guided action. It’s about being in flow, in harmony. That may sound soft and passive, but it’s anything but. Going with the flow is actually tremendously powerful. Rather than pushing against the tides, we step into the current of lunar energy and let it move through us. By consciously and intentionally participating in the rhythms of nature, we allow this universal energy to guide our processes and enhance the efficacy of our actions.

Where the full moon was about reflection and release, the new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. A fresh start infused with the energy of possibility, potential and promise. In ancient agricultural practices, farmers planted by the moon, leveraging the interaction of gravitational forces between the sun, moon and earth. According to this traditional wisdom, the new moon phase is considered to be the optimal time to sow seeds for leafy and flowering annuals. And so, in our own lives, we can harness the fertile energy of the new moon to sow seeds of intention that will later burst forth, blossom and make manifest.

We like to use this powerful three step intention setting process to make the most of the new moon each month:

  • Dig Deep: Take time to carve out some sacred space and be receptive to receiving intuition and guidance.
  • Plant Seeds: Leverage the energetic action of the new moon to sow the seeds of intentions. Dream, imagine, and conceive.
  • Water The Garden: Follow up your intentions with action that supports them. In other words, take the first steps in nourishing your intentions so that they may burst through the soil and blossom. Empower your potential.