Full moon’s coming peeps, and we’ve got a brand new vlog to help you get prepped and make the most of the full moon vibes! Why should you stand at attention? Well, each of us is a microcosm of the earth, mini reflections of a world within a world, if you will. So by tuning in to what’s happening with the lunar cycles, we take a cue from nature and use the powerful energy of the moon to our benefit.

Ever notice how people can get all cray around the full moon? We have a theory on that: Our bodies are two-thirds water, so naturally we’re subject to the tidal energy of the moon, just as the sea is. This can cause energy to be drawn upward, making us feel confused, uncertain, anxious and not at all grounded. So around the full moon we can focus on drawing energy down and out of the upper centres of our energetic and physical bodies, helping to keep the “cray” at bay.

The full moon also affects us by shedding literal and figurative light on the habits, blockages and subconscious patterns that are not serving us, revealing what was dark Рgiving us a cosmic flashlight to illuminate what is usually hidden in the shadowy corners of our psyche. Bringing into light what has been shrouded in shadow. Add to that, the energetic action of a full moon is release and closure, representing the outgoing aspect and marking turning points. Collectively these qualities make the full moon an ideal time to reflect, release and get grounded.

In today’s vlog we’re talking about the three things you can focus on to make the most of the full moon each month:

  • Reflection: Take stock, evaluate yourself and your life and notice if there is anything you’d like to let go of. It could be a broken behaviour, a negative pattern, a grudge, anger or frustration or something that isn’t inherently negative but no longer serves your highest good.
  • Release: From this point of reflection, we can leverage the energetic action of the moon to then do some spiritual spring-cleaning. Letting go, setting fire to and burning down what’s no longer working.
  • Grounding: As a final step, making sure we’re grounded in our bodies allows us to move forward in our lives with confidence and clarity.
Watch the vlog and let us know what you think. If you have any other full moon insights, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

UPDATE: You can download a beautiful printable Full Moon Ritual Guide + Full Moon Guided Meditation from Caitlin’s new website: caitlincady.com Enjoy!¬†