We’re back with a to-go version of our Fire-Starter Ab Workout! Print this guide out (or open it up on your phone or tablet!) and light your fire everywhere and anywhere!

The Fire-Starter Workout Printable Guide has three easy to follow sections:

  • Get your mind right: a guide to setting an intention and crafting a mantra for your day. Set one of your own or select from three options we’ve created for you.
  • Move your body: Seven sets of purpose-built core strengthening exercises that will give you that abs-on-fire feeling, charge up your Solar Plexus and boost your confidence, strength and determination.
  • Meditation & savasana: cues for a two-minute meditation and gratitude ritual, plus a reminder to take your sweet time in savasana (it’s the best part!).

This guide is perfect for taking your morning workout on the road, to the beach, to the park… wherever! Click here to access your free Fire-Starter Abs Workout Printable. And if you missed the Fire-Starter Abs Workout Video, check that out here.

Go on baby, light that fire and enjoy the ab-afterglow!

P.S. If you want to supercharge your workout, don’t miss the ‘Upgrade’ option at the bottom of the Guide where you can engage the power of creative visualization to enhance results (physical, emotional and spiritual). And be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know if you’re feeling charged up and full of fire after your workout!