A Wabi-Sabi Well Approach to Movement

The mind-body connection, movement as medicine and the secret stories our bodies tell are some of the topics covered in this episode. We dive into somatic therapy, bodywork and all things physical therapy. Discover a Wabi-Sabi Well approach to movement and see how it differs from industry norms. By the end of the episode you’ll be inspired to revolutionise the way you think about your body-mind, to charge your movement practices with transcendent meaning and get wabi-sabi with your workouts.  Please tune in and listen to this episode then please [...]

July 2nd, 2020|Fitness, Podcast|

What My Workouts Look Like: Second Trimester

A lots changed since this picture was taken. Back then our little Brie/osh bun was about the size of a Brioche bun. Now he’s somewhere between a cantaloupe and a cauliflower. So I’m in pelvic-floor-preservation mode. Heads up! For those who don’t know, pelvic floor is the sling of muscles at the base of your pelvis, which support the bladder, bowel, vagina and uterus. Running, and other high-impact activities like jumping already put a lot of pressure on these muscles. In my first trimester I was training for a marathon. [...]

March 16th, 2018|Pregnancy|

Embodied Flow with Tara and Scott

Here is my latest piece for Australian Yoga Journal. It peaks behind the curtain of Embodied Flow, a mind-dazzling teacher training I had the incredible honour of attending earlier this year. +++ I can’t say when it happens exactly, that’s the mysterious thing. One moment I'm here, encompassed by flesh and bone. And the next, there’s a pixilation of space / my density turning to effervescent vapour / every sub-atomic particle articulated in a vibration that is strangely visible. I can sense my skin - so permeable, the [...]

April 20th, 2017|Fitness, Wellbeing|

Drop and Give Me Zen: The Art of Mindful Movement Series

‘I’d like to learn how to meditate. I know it’d be good for me, but I can’t sit still for more than 2 minutes.” - Most People I Know There’s a common misconception that meditation is a fixed formula – complete with it’s own non negotiable position (spine erect, legs in lotus) and associated paraphernalia (mudras, mala beads and meditation pillows). Nonsense. There are as many ways to meditate as there are ways to workout. Now, it goes without saying i'm a big fan of the sitting-still-with-hands-in-mudra variety of meditation. But, [...]

March 23rd, 2017|Fitness, Headspace, Meditation, Wellbeing|

Body Balancing Shapeshifter: Grounding Workout

Introducing the latest release in the fitness lab! Well actually this 30min shot of endorphin-spiked energy was actually part of the original 2015 workout video releases. In spite of windy weather, required re-takes and other technical hurdles it's finally arrived on the inter webs. Woop woop! If you want to tone and transform your body (and mind) and move through your day feeling centered and strong this little Body Balancing Shapeshifter is for you! In this sequence, targeted muscle-sculpting moves merge with cardio bursts and single sided balances to cultivate strength and [...]

December 15th, 2016|Fitness, Workout Videos|

The Secret Stories Our Bodies Tell: Rewriting The Psychosomatic Script

Your body is miraculous, mysterious, intelligent beyond your wildest dreams. It pulses with molten wisdom and stories as old as stars. It was present for every experience of your life and embodies emotional imprints of these events. Answers to lifelong questions are steeped in cells, tucked in the folds of tissue and buried in bone marrow. ‘There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.’ Nietzsche You just have to ask the right questions, lean in and listen. YOUR BIOGRAPHY BECOMES YOUR BIOLOGY  The body, like everything else in life, is [...]

December 9th, 2016|Fitness, Headspace, Wellbeing|

Transcendental Training Template: Workout Enhancement

Ever experienced fitness fatigue? Your usual exercise of choice has lost its pizzazz (or never had any in the first place). You’re feeling flat, physically bleh (bloated, puffy, weak) and you're tired of trainers banging on about reps, intervals, calories and measurements? Ahuh, I can practically feel you nodding through the screen. The secret to turning a fitness fling into a forever-love is this. Replace "routine" with "self renewing rituals". What’s the difference between a routine and a ritual? As Gretchen Rubin says: “A 'routine' is a string of habits, and a 'ritual' is [...]

November 15th, 2016|Fitness, Guided Meditations, Rituals, Workout Guides, Workout Videos|

Weight Loss 101: Lighten Up, Keep Calm and Cut The Fat

Contrary to popular belief you don't have to train like a beast to look like a beauty. High intensity interval training (HIIT) every. Damn. Day. is not the magic bikini body bullet, it will not make you "summer ready" (whatever that means) and it is not the only thing standing between you and the would-be Victoria's Secret six pack. Not only is it exhausting to keep up with a rigid routine, it's also not helping you lose weight. In fact, science says it could be making you well...heavier. This may [...]

February 17th, 2016|Fitness|

10 Ways To Reconnect With Your Body: Part 2

Last week we shared 5 of our favourite ways to reconnect with your body, and this week we're back with 5 more rapid-fire resets that will instantly reignite your mind + body connection. If you're catching up, find Part 1 here and be sure to check out the Mind + Body Connection: Why We Disconnect vlog (we talked about why we humans are so quick to disconnect from our bodies, why habitual disconnection is a slippery slope and how staying connected to your body is the key to all the [...]

December 16th, 2015|Fitness, Headspace|

10 Ways To Reconnect With Your Body: Part 1

"Our bodies know they belong - it's our minds that make us so homeless" John O'Donahue In last week's vlog, we talked about why we humans are so quick to disconnect from our bodies, why habitual disconnection is a slippery slope and how staying connected to your body is the key to all the good things. (Catch up here if you missed it!) This week, we're kicking off a two part series sharing 10 of our favourite rapid-fire resets that will instantly reignite your mind + body connection. This list [...]

December 9th, 2015|Fitness, Headspace|