Introducing the latest release in the fitness lab! Well actually this 30min shot of endorphin-spiked energy was actually part of the original 2015 workout video releases. In spite of windy weather, required re-takes and other technical hurdles it’s finally arrived on the inter webs. Woop woop! If you want to tone and transform your body (and mind) and move through your day feeling centered and strong this little Body Balancing Shapeshifter is for you!

In this sequence, targeted muscle-sculpting moves merge with cardio bursts and single sided balances to cultivate strength and stability of body, mind and spirit. WSW’s signature rituals (intention setting, dynamic meditation and visualization) also feature. These practices are there to help ground you into your psychic centre and create an unshakable connection to your roots (figuratively speaking). Whether you’re feeling a little off centre, in a major transition or simply want to move through your day with harmony and a sense of balance this sequence will help restore a calm centre, whilst powerfully toning and shape shifting the legs, butt, core and arms. Click here to download a higher quality, portable version now and stay tuned to the site – new workouts, upgraded footage and streamlined playlists are on the way, as we speak.


Together we’ll be aligning the left and right sides of the body and harmonising the upper and lower body. Anatomically this body balancing shape shifter covers all major muscles groups. It challenges the stabilizer and recruitment muscles giving you a playground for poise practice. Wobbles are welcome and encouraged in this sequence. Through challenging our centre of gravity we cultivate body awareness and strength (on the mat) and instill a sense of sure footedness off the mat.


We’ll punctuate the session with pauses for inward reflection and regular referencing of lower body and feet (the foundations of support) to build the energetic charge and grounding connection to earth and body. Please consider going barefoot. You’ll gain increased sensory input from the soles of your feet and have a better sense of connection with the ground beneath you. Not to mention, of course, better balance.


The mind informs the body and the body informs the mind. Physical balance promotes emotional balance. The postures, movements and meditations in this video all conspire to bring you poise, inner strength, a sense of balance and integration to tone your body, your mind and your day-to-day life. Let’s Go. Click **here** to get started

More specifically. In this video you will…

  • Be guided through intention setting process
  • Experience stabilizing dynamics in your ankles, hips, legs, core and shoulders by balancing single sides of the body (one armed and one legged postures)
  • Deepen the quality of presence and increase somatic awareness via regular meditative pauses
  • Intentionally offset your centre of balance, creating unstable environments and postures to practice equanimity – remaining unreactive and calm in spite of external chaotic conditions
  • Perform a powerful bioenergetic grounding technique to boost body connection
  • Grow inner resources of stability, calm strength, balance, poise, presence, patience, connection, equanimity

Sound like your kind of awesome!? Roll out that mat.

2017 UPDATE: Can’t access this workout? It might not be in season. Head to the shop and download it to you device for instant access – no matter where you are or how strong/weak your wi fi signal. Note: Each WSW workout is available on youtube periodically and only for a limited time. So if you’re craving a Body-Balancing, Shapeshifting Sesh today, click here.


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