What is Wabi-Sabi?

You may know what “wabi-sabi” is. Or you may think it’s the green stuff that comes with your sushi. So just in case, a little definition: Wabi stems from the root “wa” and refers to harmony, peace, tranquility and balance. Poetically, it means simple and in tune with nature. Sabi translates to “the bloom of time.” Wabi-Sabi then, is the art of seeing beauty in impermanence and imperfection – in revering authenticity above all else. Through wabi-sabi we learn to embrace – and even celebrate – our scars, rust, uneven finishes and the bloom of time they represent. We do that when we put on our favourite pair of, worn, ripped jeans, or go marketing for a farm-style dining table. Why not when we look at ourselves?

Wabi-Sabi Well is mind-body fitness

Widely touted as ‘the antidote to perfection-seeking bikini-body bootcamps’, Wabi-Sabi Well replaces the ‘crash-dieting’, ‘divide-and-conquer’ workout war cry with a holistic cross-pollination of intention-driven movement, meditation and other self-renewing rituals. It’s a practical toolkit to re-mind you of your wholeness. To help you reconnect and return to a healthy state of balance, harmony and well being.


Frustrated and fed up?

Is going to the gym a daily “wouldacouldashoulda”? Do you have a black belt in self-sabotage? #SixPack #Fitspo #SummerReady Selfies on Instagram make you want to throw your phone out the window? Frustrated with fear-focused, bikini bootcamp, calorie-counting, cookie-cutter, one-size fits all fitness? You’ve felt it, right? The anxiety of imperfection is chronic. It’s the cultural condition of our time and I’m guessing you’re here because you’re ready to rise above the b/s and reclaim a body and life you love.

I get it.

Because I’ve been there before. I spent years treating my body as a separate ‘entity’. Living by the ‘divide and conquer’ workout war-cry, pursuing weight loss as the (utterly misguided) on-ramp to worthiness and belonging. I ended up exhausted, depleted and miles from ‘happy’ and as a result, spent the better part of a decade navigating my way through a slew of ailments – eating disorders, depression, thyroid dysfunction, anxiety, anaemia, psoriasis, leaky gut and hair loss-by-the-handful (more on that here). Needless to say, I found another way.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a battleground or a game of chase.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a battleground for a war waged between your mind and body. Nor should it be a constant game of chase. You know the one. The skinny, I’m-on-a-roll!, this’ll-last-forever phase. Until – what the hell happened?! – it doesn’t. Eyes are puffy, energy is waning and those skinny jeans? They’re tight again. That productive, wake-up-early-boom-let’s-make-this-happen radiance is short circuited by a back-to-square-one crash.

How it works.

One hour of self-renewing rituals. Concentrated enough to not overtake your busy day. HOWEVER, done daily, Wabi-Sabi Well has the cumulative effect of shaping your mind and psyche, as much as your body. The “workouts” provide a daily template for transformation, which you can experience here. Each session will help resolve blockages, rekindle the body-mind connection and quickly, elegantly and efficiently produce the results you desire.

The Wabi-Sabi Well method includes:

  • Mindfulness Practices – intention setting, breathwork, meditation, visualisation, gratitude, sound therapy, tantric practices and other powerful bioenergetic techniques
  • Metabolism-Boosting Movement – cardio, boxing, dance, pilates, barre, core, strength and conditioning
  • Mindful Movement – embodiment rituals, yoga, somatic awareness, myofacial release and postural realignment

Integrative & Intuitive

The beauty of the Wabi-Sabi way is that every session is tailored to suit whatever it is your body needs that day.
Slow and easy-does-it (with a massage focus) so you can glide gently into your day?  Perfect.
Dynamic and fluid movement to unlock the kind of high-vibe energy you’ve been craving? Absolutely.
Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder.

To get started click here and book yourself a private session (live streamed via Skype).

Wabi-Sabi Well is for you if:

  • you feel a little stuck and stifled (creatively, emotionally, spiritually), physically bleh (bloated, puffy, tired, weak), or overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out.
  • you’re a recovering perfectionist, you struggle with conditioned behaviours around exercise (exercise obsession / exercise aversion) or have simply had enough of regimented gym programs and trainers who bang on about reps, intervals and measurements.
  • you crave body love, self-acceptance and freedom (of choice) around food and exercise and have been dreaming of a more holistic approach to fitness.

Feel better, think better, look better. (In that order.)

Wabi-Sabi Well integrates not just the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual elements to regulate your nervous system, raise your vibration and enhance your overall sense of well-being. When you’re physically and energetically sound, you quit worrying about rigid training schedules, calorie calculations and diets, because you eat and move in response to your intuition. Your body gets to relax and be magnificent without your trying-so-hard. You get to relax and simply enjoy life and the ecstatic ways it moves through this sacred vessel (the body). It’s way of life that’s governed by flow and least resistance. In short: it’s all about (re)discovering the mind-body connection and letting your workouts be guided by elevated intentions. When your workouts serve to raise your vibration and awaken your inner resources, you get un-stuck. You remove what’s heavy and holding you back. You feel better, think better and look better. You experience greater personal power, freedom, ease and contentment, love and joy.

I believe.

Being Wabi-Sabi Well isn’t about fixing, adding shine or pursuing perfection. It’s not an exasperating ideal, but rather an infinitely emboldening one. A wake up to the fact that you are unutterably sublime and already enough. I whole-heartedly believe, change-evolution-revolution starts with the individual – that when women divert their energies from their own self-imposed destruction and oppression to a Wabi-Sabi life lens they’ll finally find peace with their bodies, their whole selves, and in turn, the entire planet. I also have a sneaking suspicion that a world of wild, wonderfully alive women means a world of healing and wisdom. A world that turns in both beauty and balance.

Jump on board.

So old souls and true hearts, whatever mysterious starlight that brought you here, trust it was for a reason. Snuggle in. Stay as long as you like. It’s nice to have you with me.

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