Lately I’ve found myself complaining. A lot. Mostly to Josh (my partner) and although they’re valid points, I’ve instructed him to cue, “NEW STORY” as a way of reminding me to ~ interrupt irritation with appreciation

The thing is, there is always more than one truth existing at a time. Yes, it very well might be a thousand degrees and the heat rash on my chest is a true story but complaining has never been a comfortable fit for me. It feels heavy and contracted and amplifies irritability.

My resolve is to favour those sweeter flavours of consciousness. To pivot towards the positive and shift shitty perceptions.

+ It might be hot AF! But… [insert new story] it’s also delicious, finding relief in the the whisper of a breeze or a sports bra fresh from the freezer (yes, frozen bras are a thing albeit a pregnancy thing)

+ This belly might be hijacking my workouts, making moves impossible and bumping the treadmills emergency stop button not 1, not 2 but 3 times…

BUT… let me tell you how delightful it is to feel this baby bump sending me morse code sonar signals. I’d happily forfeit a few yoga poses to learn his lil love language.

The intention is to practice habitual gratitude. Seeking (and speaking) blessings not burdens. It’s not a spiritual bypass. Nor a year of flexing ‘false positivity’ muscles and living in denial. It’s a year of authoring ecstatic experiences into existence. A year of editorial discernment. Noticing how my words land (in my own ears), reaching for better feeling phrases and leveraging (Self-amplifying) feedback loops.

So, with one hand on my i-phone and the other raised in solemn oath. I pledge, in 2018 and beyond, to blink new ways into being. To look for beauty in EVERY experience and realise the miraculous is usually the mundane. I just have to open my eyes, stay curious and hang out, happily, in life’s unanswerable questions.

I know this next chapter, “Motherhood,” will be an intense bootcamp. I know it demands super human mental, physical and emotional resilience. I figure it’s best to start training early. Here’s to a year of mental fitness and being in the best (cerebral) shape of my life.