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Wabi-Sabi Well is cross-training like you’ve never seen before; it replaces crash-diets & bikini bootcamps with intention-driven movement, meditation & self-renewing rituals. This holistic workout provides a template for transformation & a gateway to freedom.

Vive la Fitness Revolution! Find out more.



Wabi-Sabi Well is cross-training like you’ve never seen before; it’s your one-stop-shop to cover all of your mind + body bases. Dive into the video library of workouts that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and wildly free.



Meditation sets the psychological tone for the day. You’re more clear, more focused, more present. You react less and listen more. You manifest magic. Ready to give it a try? Check out the library of free guided meditations, visualisations and sound therapy.

Free Resources

Free Resources

Wondering where to start? I’ve rounded up resources and put them all under one roof. Start here for workouts, meditations, tutorials, printable worksheets, full moon rituals, vlogs and more.

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Want to feel better, think better and look better (in that order). Wabi-Sabi Well workouts are a mix of metabolism boosting movement, functional strength, toning, myofascial release, holistic lifestyle design & deep relaxation techniques. All customised and designed to quickly, elegantly and efficiently produce the results you desire. Book a 1:1 Holistic Training Session (available worldwide). Because the right kind of encouragement can make all the difference.

“A ‘how-to-get-the-most-out-of-life’ guru.”
Erin Kindt, CEO Odyssey Movement, Former Field Recruiter, Lululemon AUS/NZ
“Not only do I look and feel fitter and stronger, I feel more centered, open and in touch with my body.”
Jemma Gawned, creator of Naked Treaties
“Wabi-Sabi Well is joyful and strengthening, soulful and lifting, but above all, it truly will make a difference.”
Sally Anne Webb
“Wabi-Sabi Well sessions have transformed my body, mind and soul.”
Sara Brooke, Meditation & Reiki Teacher
“I swear her prose is almost capable of changing DNA – it’s that beautiful.”
Tara Bliss, Best Selling Author, doTERRA Australia Founder
“Like a bubble bath for the soul. I leave our sessions feeling connected to myself and oh so much lighter, both physically and mentally.”
Niamh Beirne
“Brieann has the power to inspire. She has single-handedly reached inside my heart and soul and pushed that hidden green button that has the words “Go For It!” written on it.”
Chris Akenfelds