Personal Training + Mindfulness + Coaching

The Wabi-Sabi Well method is, in it’s essence, intention driven exercise. At the beginning of each session, we will tune in to how you feel, and how you want to feel. From there, you’ll be guided to set an intention that supports your desired feeling. Your intention becomes the rudder of the ship, guiding the focus of each session. The workouts are intuitively designed, drawing from various modalities including personal training, yoga, pilates, chakra balancing, mindfulness and other bioenergetic techniques. It’s a very personalised and integrative approach. From the metabolism-boosting, muscle toning exercises, down to the most subtle gestures, expressions and meditations, every embodiment practice is carefully curated and designed to awaken your desired state. Unlike other fitness programs, WSW workouts honour your natural energy cycles. Slow and easy-does-it (with a yogic focus) so you can glide gently into your day? Perfect.  Dynamic and fluid movement to unlock the kind of boundless, high-vibe energy you’ve been craving? Absolutely. Fired up core connection? An open heart and peaceful mind? Fierce and flexible? Yes, yes, yes.  Your body. Your intentions. Your desires. The two of us, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Online Sessions (live streaming via Skype)

Welcome to your exclusive online studio. Light some incense, roll out your yoga mat and carve out some time in your day for self care as we journey into holistic fitness, coaching and guided meditation.

If you’re not a Byron local, no worries. These days geography is irrelevant. Wabi-Sabi Well online sessions provide all the results and benefits of an in-person sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home, office, hotel room… or wherever you happen to be (trust me i’ve seen it all). Just make sure you have a good internet connection, roll out your mat and ‘Beam me up, Scottie!’ Read what others are saying and the kind of results my clients are enjoying here. View the entire menu of online offerings here. Or shop for the perfect package in the summaries below.

Balanced, Focused + Fit 12 Week Program

13 x 60 minute sessions

Plus: Personalised Fitness Program + Off-The-Mat Chakra Enhancement Guides + Email Support

Investment: 3 x monthly payments of AUD $449.00

Pick me if: You’re feeling a little stuck, stifled or burned out? Struggling with conditioned behaviours around exercise or simply had enough of regimented gym programs? If you’re ready to feel better, think better and look better (in that order) every single day, this 12 week program is the kickstart you’re looking for. The Balanced Focused + Fit 12 Week Program includes 12 weekly one-to-one online sessions of 60 minutes each.

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Maximum Magic, Full Potential 6 Month Program

25 x 60 minute sessions

Plus: Personalised Fitness Program (Initial + Advanced) + Complete High Vibe Guide + Email Support + Closing Circle Session

Investment: 6 x monthly payments of AUD $399.00

Pick me if: You’re ready to immerse yourself, get Wabi-Sabi Well and revolutionise your life? This 6 month program is your ticket to total transformation and realising your full potential. The Maximum Magic, Full Potential 6 Month Program includes 24 weekly one-on-one online sessions of 60 minutes each.

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Baby & Me, Pregnancy Program

3 x 60 minute sessions

Plus: Workout Videos + Printable PDF Workout Guide + Supplement & Nutrition Cheat Sheet + Guided Meditation + Email Support

Investment: 2 payment of AUD $140.00

Pick me if: You want to feel fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and ease gracefully back into a beautiful post-partum bod. This interactive, personalised plan includes 3 one-on-one online sessions of 60mins each, scheduled fortnightly. As well as your personalised plan, workout videos to do outside of sessions and resources to guide you through a health full pregnancy.

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Mindfulness Master Class, 8 Week Online Course

8 x 45 minute sessions

Plus: Audio and Video Tutorials + Downloadable Practices + Interactive Workbook + Email Support

Investment: 2 payment of AUD $280.00

Pick me if: You want to clear unwanted habits, ease anxiety and discover a gateway to freedom. This interactive, online course includes 8 weekly (45 min) one-to-one online sessions

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Byron Bay Sessions

Wabi-Sabi Well workouts are a mix of metabolism boosting movement, cardio, core, toning, functional strength, flexibility, massage, myofascial release, meditation and deep relaxation techniques. All customised and designed to quickly, elegantly and efficiently produce the results you desire.

Rapid-Fire Reset

  • 60min Session
  • Results Driven Workout
  • 15min Thai massage + meditation

$110 per Session

Email me for more info or to make a booking.

Walking On A Dream

  • 90min Session
  • Results Driven Workout
  • 30 min Thai Massage + Meditation

$130 per Session

Email me for more info or to make a booking.

  • Training with a partner is an additional $10
  • Your 11th session is complimentary when you purchase a pack of 10 sessions (10% off each session)

Wabi-Sabi Well is cross-training like you’ve never seen before; it’s your one-stop-shop to cover all of your mind + body bases. I’ve done my research, cherry picked the most effective bits and pieces and created a comprehensive, holistic formula that combines the best of yoga, traditional fitness, personal training and meditation. It’s a practical toolkit to help you reconnect and return to a healthy state of balance, harmony and well being.

Rave Reviews

“Taking Brieann on as my personal trainer was the best thing I have done in years. I have gone from being a total slug who couldn’t maintain five minutes on a treadmill to running the Gold Coast Marathon and the Ultra in Jordan! I’m now the fittest I have been in decades, and my muscular system is the strongest it has been in my entire life.”
Chris Akenfelds

“Not only do I look and feel fitter and stronger, I feel more centered, open and in touch with my body and have definitely developed a deeper sense of connection and love for myself.”
Jemma Gawned, creator of Naked Treaties


“Brieann’s influence has even had an effect on my life that goes beyond the realm of purely physical training. She is blessed with a particularly desirable talent: Brieann has the power to inspire. She has single-handedly reached inside my ‘heart and soul’ and pushed that hidden green button that has the words ‘Go For It!’ written on it. She has motivated me in untold ways that have caused me to look deeper within yourself and explore my place in this world and possibilities for the future.”
Chris Akenfelds

“I’ve done the cardio/group training thing. I’ve laced up my runners and pounded the pavement more times than I can remember, and I’ve come back to centre on my yoga mat, but what I love about my Wabi-Sabi Well sessions is that we blend the best of all that with the stuff that feeds the spirit – intention-setting, morning sun on our faces and plenty of laughter. It feels amazing.”
Rachel MacDonald, Blogging Business Coach, In Spaces Between


“A recovering perfectionist, my relationship with my body (and exercise) has been a turbulent one but the waters are now beginning to calm as I learn to treat my body with love and gratitude (for real). Like a bubble bath for the soul. I leave our sessions feeling connected to myself and oh so much lighter, both physically and mentally. It’s nothing short of magical. Oh, and all of this conducted at a distance of 16822.47 km via Skype.”
Niamh Beirne

“Wabi-Sabi sessions have transformed my body, mind and soul. For years I have struggled with body image and failed to find a practice of physical movement that I actually enjoyed… [it has] taught me to fall in love with movement and my own body. I finally feel at peace and at home within myself. I am feeling more vibrant, alive and powerful. My libido is back (oh yeah!) and I finally feel like I have come to a beautiful place of balance between my masculine & feminine energies.”
Sara Brooke, Meditation & Reiki Teacher

“Brieann, what have you done to me? I’m getting up at 6am daily – just for the fun of it. And I’ve even become that woman who drops the kids off in her sweats. How bizarre.  You’ve been so much more than a personal trainer to me. You’ve often turned my days around. You’ve tolerated the times my toddler gatecrashed our sessions and drawn out the fierce-warrior goddess I knew was hiding within. I’ve felt your invisible support cheering me on as exercise and I kept those daily promises to each other between weekly sessions.”
Kate Erlenbusch

“Whether my intention for my day ahead was ‘Creative’, ‘Present’, ‘Free’ or ‘Supported’, Wabi-Sabi Well brought my hope for the day to life, via the visceral experience of exercise. After just one month, my body is plenty stronger, and I’m able to see the clear link between movement and creativity.”
Tara Bliss, Life Coach, Such Different Skies

“I feel stronger, brighter, focused, more toned. I leave our sessions with more energy, peace, calm and clarity.”
Kristen Graham

“Your Personal Workout Plans have me feeling energised and deeply nurtured on all levels of my being. Those plans are pure gold. Creative, flexible and medicinal – just like you.  It’s clear that anyone who comes into your world, or receives one of your magical programs, just can’t help but be transformed.”
Kate Erlenbusch

“Wabi-Sabi Well was a breath of fresh air in my exercise and healing regime. It’s changed the way I view PT forever!”
Tara Shields, Kinesiologist

“Our sessions have brought me so much joy and happiness and I feel myself growing to love my body and myself more and more each day – something that can definitely be attributed to Wabi-Sabi Well’s holistic approach and ever present encouragement and enthusiasm.”
Nadine Eram

“Incredibly intuitive and motivating method integrates all elements to satisfy and nourish body, mind and soul. It is joyful and strengthening, soulful and lifting, but above all, it truly will make a difference.”
Sally Anne Webb